Once your landscape has poor drainage, expect to experience troubles for your home and yard. It can be challenging to determine if your yard is having problems with landscape drainage sometimes until the issues have gotten even worse eventually, causing more damaging stages. Because of this, it’s highly recommended to get your landscaping drainage checked and potential problems fixed as soon as possible to have it under control.

Moreover, make sure to consult a reliable landscaping company to correct your erosion or landscape drainage issues whenever you observe any of these indications around your property. Moreover, you will still have time before the winter season hits and spring precipitation when these issues can potentially become worse.

Without further ado, listed below are the signs you should search for to spot yard and landscape draining issues:

Unpleasant smell

One more thing that usually comes with an unsolicited collection of water is a weird smell. Unpleasant bacterial development usually flourishes in wet areas. With poor drainage, the soil becomes damp for a long time, causing bacteria to develop.

Yard erosion

When water fails to drain, there’s a possibility that it will accumulate and pool. This water amount can more likely result in yard erosion. Once you observe mud on your sideway and driveway or mulch out of your garden beds after a severe rainstorm, perhaps you have to reassess the drainage of your landscape with the help of an expert landscaping contractor.

Patchy lawn

If your yard drainage is poorly maintained, it can be dead zones all over your lawn. Meaning, some plants, and grass will have a hard time thriving and growing in excessively saturated soil. Although you still need to be cautious of a patchy lawn that can be due to several other problems that are not related to drainage. If you think your yard has it, do not hesitate to hire a landscaper who can evaluate the underlying cause of such an issue before thinking about concealing the yard using new sod.

Clogged downspouts and gutters

If there is an accumulation of pooling waters all over your property, you could observe a few around your downspouts and gutters. Gutters can gather rain that will potentially run down the sidings of your house otherwise, resulting in all kinds of issues. With effective downspouts and gutters, the drainage system can sufficiently lead the excess water far from your house. Moreover, downspouts and gutters that are clogged by dirt and leaves are one of the signs that your yard is possibly having problems with landscaping drainage now. If this is the case, you might be required to utilize downspout extensions to effectively redirect excess water.

Water puddles and pools

This is probably one of the easiest ways to determine signs of drainage issues within your landscaping design. But keep in mind that you can only observe this after heavy rainfall. If your property has any excess water, make sure to have it diverted away from the main structure of your property and get it drained away into the land that surrounds your property.