If you have carpet in your home and you have children and pets living with you, we are pretty sure that you are living a nightmare as of the moment. It is very hard to balance these elements together and it takes more than a mother to solve problems that are related to these elements clashing together.  


Children are, by nature, messy. They do not care about the furniture, they don’t care about their clothes, they do not care about the walls and surely, they do not give a thing for carpets. Carpets for them is a playground that they could lie down in, they could run around at, rub their feet, put food residue in or color on using different coloring materials available in your home.  

Pets, on the other hand are somewhat alike to children. The only difference is that they are able to go in and out of the house which means that they could carry a lot of dirt, dust and soil from the outside surroundings and put it on the house, specifically on the carpet that is very keen on absorbing these kinds of debris. They could also pee in the carpet or deposit their waste on the carpet. For pregnant pets, the carpet is a very good place for them to give birth in because it is very soft and cozy for their fur babies so that means that there is going to be blood stains on your carpet. 

The whole point of this article is to teach you some tips and tricks on you could possibly balance out having children and pets at home and at the same maintaining a carpet. Stay tuned because we are going to teach you some useful tricks that you could use for your own home. 

1. When there are stains on your carpet floors, act on it immediately. Do not wait for a couple of hours, days or months to pass by before you try to get it because it will surely attach itself to the fibers of your carpet which makes it very difficult to remove. Also, these stains are what are going to make your carpet deteriorate which means that you could not be using it anymore because the color will start to fade and the quality is not as it is in the beginning, other carpets would also shed their fibers and strands when they deteriorate. You have to really be sure to act on the stain on your carpet before it’s too late.  

2. When you are going to remove the stain, make sure that you use the blotting method which entails you to blot the stain using a clean piece of cloth rather than wiping it left and right because wiping the stain away will cause it to spread and make an even bigger mess in your carpet.  

3. For you to properly remove the stain on your home, you have to prepare a mixture that is intended for stain removal and you could get these from your hardware or you could ask a professional carpet cleaning service of what could they give to you as a recommendation for the best stain removing solution for carpets.